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    • October 4
    • Doverparanormal
      Mike Diamond Dude this is an awesome post. I actually try and listen to these beats during meditation when I can. I gotta say it is definitely relaxing whether it be the beats of placebo effect who knows...
    • Doverparanormal
      Doverparanormal Thanks Mike, I like to listen to them before going to bed....sometimes I get the strangest feelings and sometimes hear things in the background...I know it sounds out there but they take me to a far away place sometimes.
      • Tue at 11:57 AM
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    • October 1
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    • September 30
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    Steve Bush posted a new video:
    Ghost Helpers Season 1 Episode 1 "Lockport House"
    The premier of the web series "Ghost Helpers". We investigate a private Lockport house for claims of paranormal activity.
    • September 30
  • Mountaineer
    Mountaineer The Spam was strong today...  but not strong enough. :)
    • September 30
    • Mountaineer
      Mike Diamond We had our first boobs spammed on the page the other day. Surprised it took 4 years honestly hahaha
    • Mountaineer
      Mountaineer I've been afraid of that happening too.. So far it's been: "Fifa coins" (whatever the hell those are), "moving companies" (why someone would spam for that, I don't know) and some electonic gadget that's in Russian, that I see the most.. Fifa coins, gimm...  more
      • October 1
  • linda beckering
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    • September 29
    • linda beckering
      Mountaineer I don't know about hearing your name, I don't have enough information to speak to that. The TV could be something as simple as a fault or picking up other wireless devices.
      • September 30
    • linda beckering
      Mountaineer What is the make and model of your TV?
      • September 30
    • linda beckering
      Mountaineer A quick 'google' of tv's turning on and off by themselves, resulted in many hits of "quick fixes" and downloads to resolve the problem. Seems that Samsung and LG had a lot of problems, at least according to the top lists on google. Sony, RCA and a few Viz...  more
      • September 30
    • linda beckering
      Mary Morbid On a few different things are you almost asleep when it happens are you wide awake and walking around your house? Because if you're almost asleep there is a phenomenon where you can physically hear your own name even though nobody spirit or or person is s...  more
      • September 30
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