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    • November 29
  • Stephanie Sutera
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  • Stephanie Sutera
    Stephanie SuteraThames Society of Paranormal Investigations: New Blog Entry "The Truth About Orbs" on TSPI's The Haunted Blog.
    • November 24
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    • Stephanie Sutera
      Mountaineer Nice Blog.. I would say, in my opinion, that until someone puts forth evidence that an orb is anything but a normal experience, then it's only ever a normal experience. Dust, moisture, bugs, lens flare.. I'm not sure what would make a spot on a film o...  more
    • Stephanie Sutera
      Mountaineer Also, in the blog, you mention that you collected orbs that weren't debunkable from a 'controlled environment'.. What environmental variables were controlled for; what were the controls used; and how did the team control them?
      Thanks again.. this is interesting.
    • Stephanie Sutera
      Stephanie Sutera When it comes to video we have stationary equipment and there have been a few cases that we have caught an orb change shape. They were round and then as they moved changed into an amoeba shaped. When I was referring to the emitting their own there was a s...  more
      • November 28
    • Stephanie Sutera
      Mountaineer How do you come to a conclusion, or do you? Thanks!
      • November 28
  • Karen Floan
    Karen Floan Going on an interview tonight for a potential emergency case where there are children involved. Wish us luck!
    • November 24
  • Steve Bush
    Steve Bush posted a new video:
    Ghost Hunt at Statler City
    Public ghost hunt with GWNYPS at Statler City in Buffalo, New York.
    • November 23
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    Mountaineer Wow..  wlpwlp has been busy..  lol
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