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    • 3 hours ago
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  • Richard Clements
    Richard ClementsMountaineer: I notice you ponder the same as me how do you measure "Most Haunted"? I'v come to the conclusion that haunted is just that! Haunted no more no less :-)
    • April 24
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    • Richard Clements
      Mountaineer It is more a pet peeve of mine. Everything seems to be the "most haunted" something. I wonder what they mean? Most ghosts? Most activity? What? And how do they measure "most haunted"? Most haunted relative to what? And did they measure every place to get ...  more
    • Richard Clements
      Richard Clements I think you find this most haunted thing has more of a commercial motive behind it than anything else. I happened to shop at the largest supermarket in the UK! Well, that's what it says on the door when I go in :).
    • Richard Clements
      Mountaineer Easily commercial. These are the question I ask them.. usually doesn't end well. :)
      • April 24
  • Richard Clements
    Richard ClementsMountaineer: Thanks for the welcome message.
    • April 24
  • Richard Clements
    Richard Clements Hi all just discovered this site after browsing the Internet for sign up to see what's on offer. I live in the UK and after several years away from the paranormal seen so to speak, I now have a bit more time to reengage with this fascinating subject. If a...  more
    • April 24
  • Richard Clements
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  • Mark Connor
    Mark Connor posted a new video:
    SGA Chapter IV - The Goblin Ha' of Yester Castle HD
    We decided to investigate Yester Castle following some interesting research history and 2-3 first-hand witness accounts of experiencing various levels of unexplained activity; physically, audibly and visually at the location. The accounts were reported as...
    • April 16
  • Stephanie Sutera
    Stephanie Sutera posted a new video:
    Truth Funders Radio with Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations Again!
    TSPI's Associate Director Stephanie Sutera and Investigator Marilyn Marin talk about their investigation process, share some of the team's EVPs, discuss Garbage Pail Kids, and more.
    • April 15
  • Mike Diamond
    Mike Diamond shared Doverparanormal's blog. You guys should seriously check out this book. Written by our very own Bill Heiland, he talks about his development as a paranormal investigator along with his ideas on the future of the field. Simply a must read!
    • April 12
  • nigel higgins
    nigel higgins posted a new video:
    Burge's Pooling Blood
    First in a web series, based around old Ghost tales from the county of Norfolk, UK, where out team, Out There Paranormal, is based. Sorry about the traffic noise, getting back into the video making, and need to practise some more :-)
    • April 12
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    • nigel higgins
      Richard Clements Nice well produce video well done mind you John Burge was lucky wasn't runover as well :). I'll have to check you guys out the next time up in Norfolk keep up the good work.
  • nigel higgins
    nigel higgins wrote a new blog entry:
    • April 12
  • Peewee niemenski
    Peewee niemenski  Has anyone ever been to OLD SOUTH PITTSBURG HOSPITAL IN TENNESSEE?
    • April 11
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    • Peewee niemenski
      PEGGY GARLOCK I have driven past it many times...not until Ghost Asylum did I know it was haunted! now that I know I will be checking into it! I will post any info here on the site.
      • Mon at 7:46 PM
    • Peewee niemenski
      Peewee niemenski peggy. We we'll be gone there in July for a 4day lock down we have been there be for and it is haunted. Good bit happen there if you would like to join us send me a message an I'll get you the details,
      • Mon at 11:04 PM