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  • Chriss Arden
    Chriss Arden Hello! Pic of arrival at Animas Forks! Second stop on a great ghost town day trip. Returning later to the first stop for a two night investigation! 
    • 11 hours ago
  • Chriss Arden
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  • Mountaineer
    Mountaineer How do para-TV shows still exist? Who still believes this BS? Cracking up at destination America.. Come on, man... 
    • May 29
  • Steve Bush
    Steve Bush posted a new video:
    Best of Hinsdale 2015
    The best of the Hinsdale house from our first ghost hunt.
    • May 28
  • Adrian Crone
    Adrian Crone Wot would be a good device to start off with
    First, as i previously had the ghost ark and it 
    Was a complete pile off #*$@
    • May 25
  • Adrian Crone
    Adrian Crone Thanks for yor advice 
    • May 25
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    • Adrian Crone
      Mountaineer That's just my opinion.. Other's may vary. I just don't like them.. I think they are more of a money scam than anything. They are promoted and touted as an incredible tool for communication, but when you ask someone "where is the supporting evidence"?...  more
      • May 25
  • Adrian Crone
    Adrian Crone Just looking for some advice plz in regarding .
    A good spirit box on the market not quite sure which one to go for.would be grateful for any advice. Thanks 
    • May 24
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    • Adrian Crone
      Mountaineer My advice would be not to buy a spirit box. There is nothing, what so ever, in any form of evidence that support that they communicate with the dead.. none..
      • May 24
    • Adrian Crone
      Mountaineer ...but that's just my thoughts.. :)
      • May 24
    • Adrian Crone
      Mountaineer I just googled "Scientific evidence that supports the validity of the spirit box".. there was none.
      • May 24
    • Adrian Crone
      John Hall Google "paranormal investigating equipment" or something similar, and just pick one that's in your budget.. Then you can judge the evidence for yourself..
  • Bartley Smith
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  • Beth Eileen Wilcox
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  • Stephanie Sutera
    Stephanie SuteraThames Society of Paranormal Investigations:
    Paranormal Warehouse 2.0 - View Video - Ghosts
    • May 17
  • Stephanie Sutera
    Stephanie Sutera posted a new video:
    An in depth look at the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations through the eyes of Dana Sorkin, a senior at Connecticut College.
    • May 17
  • Doverparanormal
    Doverparanormal added 2 photo(s) to the album Master Mason:
    Master Mason, Lodge 706 York, PA
    My ring
    • May 17
  • Claudette Forest
    Claudette Forest added 4 photo(s) to the album Paranormal photos from my house 5:
    • May 13