The new season Premier League schedule baked

  • June 14, Premier League 2017-18 season schedule ahead of schedule. From which we still can not infer the new season, "six strong hegemony," the story will be how, but also able to glimpse a few changes in the situation. Chelsea was the reason why the king, there is no burden of the war in Europe is one of the important reasons. Wait until the start of the new season, Conti's team should be careful when the league was distracted by the Champions League. From the current situation, the defending champion of the two-line combat difficulty may be more than the conventional level, the second half will experience a lot of "devil race."
    The first round home to Burnley, Blues opening the game is still relatively simple. However, starting from the second round, they will have to fight away Tottenham, home to welcome Everton, the international competition before the two rounds do not look too comfortable. Wait until entering September, Chelsea will usher in the first "hard times." First off the city of Leicester warmth, and then is the Champions League group stage and home to Arsenal a week double match.
    In the Blues began two-line battle, the gunmen also in September 14 played in the European League group stage. In this way, the London Derby on September 16 is no small test for both sides, but Chelsea's problem is that they will encounter such an arrangement more than once. In addition to the Champions League group match after the first round of the gunmen, the Blues in the group stage after the first 2,4,5 rounds will immediately ushered in the Premier League strong dialogue, respectively, September 30 home to Manchester City, November 4 Home to Manchester United and November 25 away to Liverpool.